Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Super Simple Breakfast Sandwich

Just a few moments ago, my ten year old son requested one of his favorites. He says that it's his favorite breakfast meal because it's so delicious. I say it's one of my favorite meals because it's quick from start to finish, it fills you up and because without him knowing it, it is packed with nutrition. Mostly, anyway.

To an actual adult, it may not be that fancy. In the mornings, I usually don't have patience for a superb creation. I just don't. I'm more of a "wake-up-and-get-it-done-asap" kind of person. I save the best things for when I feel the most creative, which is many cups of caffeinated beverages later (usually dinner time). I mean, every once in a while I will have the need to create something fancy smancy for breakfast, but that only happens about every new presidency or so. If you are like me, this could be perfect for you. It makes you look like your a fancy breakfast/morning person even though you could probably care less. It's pretty much one word: genius.


* Bagels
* Tomato
* Cheese
* Eggs
* Salt and pepper to taste

First I mix the eggs with maybe a tablespoon of milk. Then I scramble away. I slice up the tomato next. When the eggs are almost done, I add a little handful of mozzarella cheese and some salt and pepper. I pop the bagel into the toaster. Yes, it's just that easy. Last, I pile the cheesy eggs onto the bagel, top it with the tomato and voila! Breakfast.

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